Five Business Ideas that thrive as a quick startup even in Recession

With the present financial difficulties facing the entire world, people have been thinking of recession proof business ideas. Job security is at an all time low right now. Starting a business that flourishes regardless of recession comes in very handy and helps alleviate the current financial burdens a lot of people are battling. Don’t let the stress of the recession dissipate your spirit, allow the divinity of entrepreneurship guide you to success.

Below is a list of quick start-up recession proof business concepts you can explore:

Bond Cleaning

This is the cleaning of a unit or house which is required by law (represented by the real estate agent) to allow the tenant to be refunded the bond deposit paid when you initially rented the property.  Bond cleaning is high in demand and for a tenant to pay a few hundred dollars to hire a professional bond cleaning company makes financial sense, in order to retrieve the bond deposit typically worth over a thousand dollars.

Specialist bond cleaning services can include:

  • Appliance Cleaning

Appliances are perhaps the most essential thing that should be cleaned when moving out of a rented house. An oven for example is usually the first item to be inspected by the landlord and should be squeaky clean given the amount of oil and grease that can be built up. If this fails the inspection, you can forget about the rest of the house being inspected.

  • Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is big business within itself, having the equipment and skills for this task can benefit your bond cleaning business.  Carpet stains are not easy to remove without the right tools, with a little know how and the correct equipment, you can be sure to gain a good return on investment.

  • Window Cleaning

Most tenants fail to clean windows satisfactorily, especially where windows are up high.  Many would rather seek the assistance of a professional due to the increase risk in this activity.  Having the correct safety equipment will ensure safety whilst gaining a handsome return.


Hair Salon

In spite of the economic challenges  people are facing, they always remember to make themselves look good. Everybody has vanity within. People will most likely not compromise on their appearance. They want to look good, even if this implies spending some cash on intangible things. This is the reason running a hair salon is certain to be profitable with the right business plan and marketing approach.

Wedding Planning

A Wedding planning business is an exceptional profit inclined industry. Couples are certain to overlook their financial constraints,  to simply guarantee they get their dream wedding. Wedding is about affection, thus becomes priceless for the soon to marry couples. They are more into what wedding  memories they will make, more than the cost of planning and getting married. Getting into this industry is certain to make a lot of money regardless of  the recession.

Photo Booth Business

Still remembers the photo booth stand you go to have your picture taken? Notice how people go insane when the cameras are out in parties? You can merge these two, and start a photo booth business. This can be appropriate as souvenirs for birthdays, weddings and other parties. People will definitely be happy to have their pictures taken and quickly developed too. Everyone gets their picture as a souvenir to the event they attend.

Computer Services and Repair

Not everybody is technically skilled to be able to fix the hardware or software troubles of your computer. Although some issues could be fixed by themselves, some may require their expertness. Offer the best service to your clients, so they’ll always come to you for help should they need it.


You should constantly keep in mind that, with or without a recession, a profitable business can only exist with determination and hard work.  You can only genuinely succeed if you put your heart and mind into it. Trust, confidence and passion are key to be successful in your business deals and endeavors.

Good Leadership Empowers Others

Many leaders and managers know that there are big advantages to be gained from empowering others. As a manager you can pick to either use your power to empower others or dis empower others. Which do you think would bring advantage in achieving results?

There are numerous advantages of empowering others with good leadership and these contain:

Building loyalty

When you get a status as a leader or manager that provides people the chance to grow and develop, staff become amazingly loyal. They know that you believe them and will go that extra mile when things are tough.

Energizing others

Have you ever been a part of organization or team where people are fully energized and upbeat? If so, you were likely part of an organization that empowers people and achieves results. When people are energized, they find fresh ways of breaking down what might have been viewed as barriers in the past.

Learning and development

We learn when we perform things right, however, as a matter of fact, we learn more when things don’t work out as planned. Ask successful people when they learned most and they are likely to inform you about times when events did not unfold the way they wanted to. When things don’t work out we take the time to reflect and consider what we would perform differently next time. When you empower, you take some risk and permit others to learn and develop from doing a project or task.


When a leader or manager tells you the outcome that they want and leaves it up to you to find out the best way to achieve it, your motivation increases to find new possibilities. When you empower someone you are essentially saying to them that you know they can perform it and believe they can deliver.

Achieving results

Results are what all leaders and managers are judged on, they are critiqued on their ability to achieve the expected outcome for a positive result. Empowering others and leveraging the full range of knowledge, skills, personal attributes and experience at your disposal helps achieve results.

Recruitment and retention

Attracting and retaining best people is a big challenge for many organizations. If you are known as a leader or manager who empowers others, you will attract loyal staff.  Employees enjoy working under leaders who carry this specific trait and there is no doubt that it is positive to be surrounded in this environment.


You might have heard that saying practice makes perfect. Another way of looking at it is to say that empowering people creates better performance. Changes in performance happen more quickly when people get into action and begin doing. Empowering is a remarkable way of improving performance.

Succession planning

Leaders and managers are ambitious and like to keep climbing the career ladder. Many leaders and managers want to make sure that when the time comes for them to move on, there is a batch of people ready to step into their job. Empowering others is a way that ensures this, empowering others has big advantages.  So what you will begin to do differently when it comes to empowerment?